MaxCure Hospitals (Madhapur) [Hyderabad]

Name: MaxCure Hospitals (Madhapur)
Address: Behind Cyber Towers, Lane Next to McDonalds, Hitech City, Hyderabad [500081]
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Following are the package rates for various kind of surgeries at MaxCure Hospitals (Madhapur) in Hyderabad city.

Surgery NamePackage Cost
CABG (Bypass) SurgeryRs. 300000.00
Kidney Dialysis (Haemodialysis)Rs. 2250.00
Knee Ligament (ACL) SurgeryRs. 150000.00
Prostate Removal (TURP) SurgeryRs. 75000.00
Septoplasty (Nose) SurgeryRs. 200000.00