Best Orthopedic Hospitals in Pune

  1. Sancheti Hospital, Shivajinagar
  2. Jehangir Hospital, Sassoon Road
  3. Columbia Asia Hospital, Kharadi Book an Appointment
  4. Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Thergaon
  5. Ruby Hall Clinic, Sassoon Road Book an Appointment
  6. Sahyadri Hospitals, Pune Book an Appointment
  7. Hardikar Hospital, Shivajinagar
  8. Lokmanya Hospital, Nigdi
  9. Noble Hospital, Hadapsar Book an Appointment

1. Sancheti Hospital, Shivajinagar

Sancheti Hospital is the most renowned orthopedic and joint replacement centers across the City of Pune. Over the years, this hospital has brought some of the finest orthopedic healthcare facilities for serving patients. The hospital is engineered with high end equipment to provide super services in all areas of orthopedics. All types of orthopedic interventions, treatments and surgery procedures are available under the same roof.

Sancheti Hospital in Shivajinagar

Services and Facilities:

  • 4 operating wards for conducting advanced joint replacement surgery procedures
  • Real-time radiation orthopedic techniques available to diagnose and monitor orthopedic issues
  • Robot assisted interventional and surgery procedures used in the diagnostic, treatment and surgical methodologies
  • X-ray absorptiometry available with dual energy systems in the radiology units
  • Special Cerebral Palsy Clinic available in the pediatric orthopedics center
  • Exclusive sub center for pelviacetabular trauma care under the same roof
  • Special diabetes clinic available for assessment, control and education of diabetes
  • Round the clock service provision by the emergency trauma care units


  • Anesthesiology
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Spine Surgery
  • Clinical Orthopedics
  • Rheumatology
  • Foot Ankle and Shoulder Surgery
  • Hand and Microvascular Surgery
  • Neurological Orthopedics
  • Faciomaxillary and Dental Surgery
  • Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Arthroplasty
  • Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Accredited under NABH healthcare standards

Contact Address:

Sancheti Hospital, 11/12,
Thube Park, 16, Shivajinagar,
Pune - 411005

2. Jehangir Hospital, Sassoon Road

Jehangir Hospital is among the high ranking orthopedic healthcare units in the City of Pune. The orthopedic center of this hospital has amenities and facilities with cutting edge technological features. The department of orthopedics caters many unparalleled healthcare services in many orthopedics and other interlinked medical fields.

Jehangir Hospital in Sassoon Road

Services and Facilities:

  • 350 bedded hospital facility
  • Digitized diagnostic and radiology units
  • Utilizes high end systems and equipment in various therapeutic and diagnostic areas
  • Exclusive high velocity accident and orthopedic emergency care units
  • Sub-departments equipped with esteemed panel of orthopedists, surgeons and rheumatologists
  • 24/7 services offered by the emergency and trauma care team
  • Ambulance services available round the clock
  • Critical care wards provide medical assistance round the clock


  • Anesthesiology
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Rheumatology
  • Clinical Orthopedics
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Therapeutic Orthopedics and Rehabilitation
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery

Awards and Recognitions:

  • NABH certified center
  • ISO:9001 certified hospital
  • Clinical and pathological labs accredited under NABL standards

Contact Address:

Jehangir Hospital, 32,
Sassoon Road, Opposite Pune
Station, Pune - 411001

3. Columbia Asia Hospital, Kharadi

The orthopedic center of Columbia Asia Hospital is engineered with excellent medical infrastructure. The division practices evidence based healthcare services to ensure quality outcomes for all its patients. Facilities rendered by the radiology and diagnostic units follow state-of-art procedures and services.

Columbia Asia Hospital in Kharadi

Services and Facilities:

  • 100 hospital beds
  • Exclusive clinical services offered to diabetic patients
  • Special clinics for arthroscopic interventions, shoulder and joint replacement available in the orthopedic division
  • Exclusive sport medicine clinic under the same roof for trauma patients
  • Pain clinics to service departments of rheumatology, orthopedics and trauma care units
  • Advanced treatment services for orthopedic oncology management
  • Pharmacy units operational 24/7
  • Clinical and pathological lab services available round the clock
  • Radiology wards operate round the clock
  • 24 hours of service provision by the ambulance, emergency wards and trauma center


  • Pain and Sports Medicine
  • Medical Orthopedics
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Surgical Orthopedics
  • Bone & Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Spine Surgery
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Orthopedic Oncology
  • Radiation Orthopedics

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Accredited under NABH standards

Contact Address:

Columbia Asia Hospital, #22/2A,
Near Nyati Empire, Kharadi Bypass Road,
Kharadi, Pune - 411014 Book an Appointment

4. Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Thergaon

The joint care & orthopedics center of Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital is well known for providing advanced medical assistance. Interventional orthopedics and surgery methods are conducted using image guiding technologies and machines. The department has a highly qualified team of orthopedists, orthopedic surgeons and healthcare experts that provide 24 hours of consultations.

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital in Thergaon

Services and Facilities:

  • 500 bedded hospital facility
  • 152 bedded intensive care units
  • 13 bedded operating units
  • 10 bedded emergency and trauma care center
  • Exclusive trauma unit available
  • Operating units equipped with modular systems
  • Advanced systems and instruments in various orthopedic sub divisions and clinics
  • Arthroscopy sets for orthopedic patients
  • 24 hours of full-time assistance by the critical care units
  • Advanced medical facilities available 24/7 by the accident and emergency care teams


  • Advanced Arthroscopy
  • Advanced Spine Surgery
  • Traumatology
  • Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Knee Implantology
  • Foot and Ankle Surgery
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Medical Orthopedics
  • Hand and Upper Extremities Care
  • Reconstructive Surgery

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Accredited by JCI healthcare standards
  • NABH accredited hospital
  • HACCP certified healthcare center
  • ISO: 22000:2005 certified institute
  • Clinical and diagnostic laboratories accredited by the NABL standards
  • CAP certified healthcare center

Contact Address:

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital,
Aditya Birla Marg, Near Morya
Mangal Karyalaya, Thergaon,
Chinchwad, Pune - 411033

5. Ruby Hall Clinic, Sassoon Road

Ruby Hall Clinic, Sasoon Road is a prestigious healthcare institution in Pune city. The clinical and surgical specialties at the orthopedics department caters exclusive medical services with personalized treatment facilities. This department is well recognized to have introduced many novel methods to manage various orthopedic issues.

Ruby Hall Clinic In Pune

Services and Facilities:

  • 550 hospital beds
  • 130 intensive care unit beds
  • 21 operating wards
  • Orthopedic department equipped with high frequency radiaography generator in the interventional radiology units
  • Diagnostic centers equipped with 40 detector CT scan machines
  • Gamma camera used in many orthopedic interventions, diagnosis and treatments
  • 24 hours of laboratory services available
  • Virtual tour facilities for international patients


  • Clinical Orthopedics
  • Interventional Orthopedics
  • Radiology
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Spine Surgery
  • Pain Management and Rehabilitation

Awards and Recognitions:

  • NABH accredited center
  • As per ISO 15189 : 2007 standards labs accredited under NABL

Contact Address:

Ruby Hall Clinic, 40,
Sasoon Road, Pune - 411001
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6. Sahyadri Hospitals, Pune

Sahyadri Hospitals are located at many key locations across the City of Pune. The departments of orthopedics and joint replacement at these centers are the best destinations to treat any problems related to your bones and joints. The departments also offer exclusive rheumatology and pain management services in different areas of orthopedics and therapeutic orthopedic fields.

Sahyadri Hospitals in Pune

Services and Facilities:

  • 900 hospital beds altogether
  • 200 bedded intensive care units
  • Availability of minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures for faster recovery and treatments
  • Exclusive endoscopic suite available
  • Modern technologies in clinical, interventional and surgical orthopedic areas
  • Exclusive joint replacement, rheumatology and spine clinics
  • Radiology facilities and services available 24/7
  • 24 hours of ambulance pick and drop services
  • Pharmacy wards operate round the clock
  • Emergency and accident units provide 24 hours of medical assistance


  • Clinical Orthopedics
  • Therapeutic Orthopedics
  • Rheumatology
  • Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Surgical Orthopedics
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Orthopedic Radiology

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Accredited under NABH quality standards
  • NABL accredited clinical and pathological labs

Contact Address:

Contact Address1:

Sahyadri Hopsital,
Plot No. 30 C, Erandwane,
Deccan Gymkhana, Pune - 411004

Contact Address 2:

Sahyadri Hospital, Near Hermes Heritage, Shastri Nagar,
Nagar Road, Yerawada, Pune - 411006

Contact Address 3:

Sahyadri Hospital, Plot No. 9 B,
Neena Society, S.No. 1484A/B,
Paud Road, Opp. Vanaz Factory,
Kothrud, Pune - 411038

Contact Address 4:

Sahyadri Hospital, G & G Towers,
S.No. 153/A, Hissa No. 124/21,
Magarpatta, Pune-Solapur Road,
Hadapsar, Pune - 411028

Contact Address 5:

Sahyadri Hospital, Plot No. 13,
S.No. 573, City No. 281,
Swami Vivekananda Marg, Bibwewadi,
Pune - 411037

Contact Address 6:

Sahyadri Hospital, 1317,
Kasba Peth, Near Shaniwar Wada,
Pune - 411011
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7. Hardikar Hospital, Shivajinagar

The multispeciality medical facility of Hardikar Hospital falls in the list of most renowned healthcare centers of Pune city. The orthopedic division of this hospital is equipped with a specialized team of highly professional doctors and medical staffs to render complete orthopedic care to all its patients. There are many speciality clinics available for patients suffering from arthritis, sports injury or various orthopedic therapy processes.

Hardikar Hospital in Shivajinagar

Services and Facilities:

  • 60 bedded hospital facility
  • Exclusive ultra modern machines and tools for diagnostic and radiology sections of orthopedics
  • Digitized clinical laboratories and interventional clinics
  • 24 hours of ambulance services
  • Pharmacy units operational round the clock
  • Emergency and trauma care units provide medical services 24/7
  • Critical care units operate round the clock for patients who require immediate medical attention


  • General Orthopedics
  • Traumatology
  • Endoscopic Orthopedics
  • Arthritis Care
  • Joint Surgery
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Surgical Orthopedics
  • Arthroscopic Orthopedics
  • Sports Medicine
  • Pain Management and Rehabilitation

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Accredited by the NAAC standards
  • Accredited center under Accreditation Commission for Health Care Inc.

Contact Address:

Deccan Multispeciality Hardikar
Hospital, 1160/61, University Road,
Shivajinagar, Pune - 411005

8. Lokmanya Hospital, Nigdi

Lokmanya Hospital, Nigdi is one of the most recognized medical institutes for orthopedic and joint repair and treatments across Pune area. This healthcare destination renders all types of orthopedics, joint replacement and pain management medical assistances. Various sub units utilize high tech systems accessible in different diagnostic, therapy and treatment areas of orthopedics.

Lokmanya Hospital in Nigdi

Services and Facilities:

  • 110 inpatient hospital beds
  • Robotic knee surgery procedures conducted to ensure less than 48 hours of hospital stay
  • High accuracy of interventional and surgical orthopedics procedures
  • 24 hours of medical assistance offered to trauma patients
  • Emergency wards operational round the clock
  • 24/7 healthcare consultations by the critical care team
  • Ambulance pick and drop facilities available 24/7


  • Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Medical Orthopedics
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Arthroscopy
  • Spine Surgery
  • Surgical Orthopedics
  • Robotic Assisted Surgery
  • Radiation Orthopedics
  • Therapeutic Orthopedics

Awards and Recognitions:

  • NABH accredited hospital
  • NABL accredited laboratories

Contact Address:

Lokmanya Hospital, Lokmanya Tilak
Road, Sector No. 27, Pradhikaran,
Nigdi, Pune - 411044

9. Noble Hospital, Hadapsar

Noble Hospital ranks among the top-notch orthopedic centers in Pune city. The integral part of orthopedics in this healthcare institution delivers advanced medical services using multidisciplinary approaches towards many orthopedic procedures. This unit is backed with an internationally qualified team of orthopedic experts and specialists to ensure complete comprehensive care to its patients.

Noble Hospital in Hadapsar

Services and Facilities:

  • 4 operating wards
  • 341 hospital beds
  • 10 bedded Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • 10 bedded Burn Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with ultra-modern technological systems
  • Exclusive sport clinic for pain management and sport injury cases
  • Surgical and interventional procedures customized with computer assisted navigation systems in the orthopedic and trauma care units
  • Intensive care unit operates round the clock to service critically ill patients
  • Provides 24 hours of emergency medical care


  • Medical Orthopedics
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Foot and Ankle Care
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Hand and Microvascular Surgery
  • Sports Medicine
  • Pain Management and Rehabilitation

Awards and Recognitions:

  • NABH accredited healthcare unit
  • Hospital certified under Bureau Veritas Accreditation for Green Operation Theaters
  • Pune's First Hospital to have a Burn ICU unit

Contact Address:

Noble Hospital, 153,
Magarpatta City Road, Hadapsar,
Pune - 411013
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