Appendix Removal Cost in Mumbai

Appendix is a small organ located at a junction of small and large intestine. It looks like a worm and is connected to colon. Apparently, appendix does not perform any major function apart from being a storehouse of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria help in digestion process. Appendicitis and appendix cancer are two major reasons that prompt removal of appendix (Laparoscopic Appendectomy).

Removal of appendix does not cause any major health issue. Any healthy individual can carry out his daily activities without any hindrance; even without presence of appendix.

Cancer is uncontrolled growth of cells. If not detected in early stages, chances of survival are reduced. Symptoms of appendix cancer appear quite late when cancer has progressed to second or third stage. Appendix cancer is quite rare and affects approximately 2% of population. If the cancer has consumed whole of appendix or if there are chances of it spreading to surrounding organs and tissues, then appendix removal surgery can be recommended by doctor.

Cause of appendicitis is yet unknown. However, with early indications and signs, one can predict onset of appendicitis. Below are few common symptoms of appendicitis mentioned:

Other reasons that might call for Laparoscopic Appendectomy can be rupture of appendix that can lead to leaking of fecal matter in abdomen. This is an emergency situation and must be addressed as early as possible.