Uterus Removal (Hysterectomy) Surgery Cost

Uterus removal surgery is scientifically called as hysterectomy. There maybe various reasons why women opt for uterus removal surgery- to treat chronic pelvic pain, to cure cervical or ovarian cancer, cure benign tumors, treat pelvic inflammatory diseases, family planning etc.

Before hysterectomy is performed, doctor may advice you to follow certain precautions. However, there are no such specific precautions that you must take care of before the surgery. However, you need to let your doctor know about the substances you are allergic to.

Following are the minimum, maximum & average costs for Uterus Removal (Hysterectomy) Surgery in top 13 cities of India.
City NameAvg. CostMin. CostMax. Cost
Ahmedabad 51468 35000 70000
Bengaluru 62357 12000 116000
Chennai 65377 40000 150000
Ghaziabad 36267 33800 40000
Hyderabad 56421 30000 130000
Jaipur 36370 13854 55000
Kolkata 57589 20000 120000
Lucknow 45000 25000 65000
Mumbai 64606 29000 150000
New Delhi 56065 25500 104100
Pune 54208 29800 95000

Hysterectomy is performed by administering either local anesthesia or general anesthesia. There are various methods through which hysterectomy can be performed. A small incision is either made on abdominal region or vaginal region. Hysterectomy performed through incisions made on abdomen is called abdominal hysterectomy while that performed through an incision made on vagina is called vaginal hysterectomy. In laparoscopic hysterectomy, three or four small incisions are made on abdominal region through which laparoscope is inserted to remove uterus. Laparoscope is a thin, flexible tube. High intensity light and high resolution camera is attached in the front section or part of laparoscope.

It takes approximately 60-90 minutes for abdominal and vaginal hysterectomy. Laparoscopic hysterectomy takes around 120 minutes for completion. Hysterectomy is an extremely safe procedure and may require you to stay in hospital for at least a day. It can be extended depending upon circumstances. Common risk factors associated with hysterectomy are infections, vaginal bleeding, damage to surrounding organs etc. You will need sanitary pads post surgery for vaginal discharge and bleeding. You may even experience vaginal discharge for several weeks after surgery. This is normal and is not a cause of concern.

Recovery and healing time post surgery counts on type of hysterectomy performed. You will have to follow few recovery tips to speedup process of healing. Avoid lifting heavy weight and doing heavy exercise post surgery. Sexual intercourse is prohibited for few weeks till scars heal and vaginal discharge stops. Walking is the most recommended exercise post surgery as it can add strength to lower body and pelvic muscles.