Septoplasty (Nose) Surgery Cost

Average Cost Average cost
Rs. 55,000 - Rs. 60,000
Surgery Time Surgery time
1-1.5 hours
Hospitalization Hospitalization
2-3 days
Resume Work Resume work
5-7 weeks
Recovery time Recovery time
5-7 weeks
Pain Bleeding

Septoplasty surgery cost in India

The cost of septoplasty in India usually starts from Rs. 55,000 and can go up to Rs. 60,000. Septoplasty (nasal septum deviation) is a modern procedure to correct the deviation in the nasal septum. Deviation in the nasal septum refers to the misalignment of the nasal septum that leads to breathing issues, chronic sinusitis, snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, etc. The deviated nasal septum can be a result of either an accident, past trauma, or by birth (congenital). Patients who undergo septoplasty usually feel relieved from sinus symptoms for long-term health benefits. Here is a reference cost for septoplasty surgery cost in India -

  • The minimum cost of deviated septum surgery in India is approximately Rs. 55,000
  • The average cost of septoplasty surgery in India is approximately Rs. 57,500
  • The maximum cost of septoplasty (deviated septum surgery) in India is approximately Rs. 60,000

Deviation in the nasal septum usually results in nasal obstruction. Due to misalignment of the nasal septum, germs and pathogens accumulate in the nasal cavity causing sinusitis, sore throat, and frequent snoring. Contact us to know more about septoplasty and how you can get a cost-efficient treatment for your deviated nasal septum.

Following are the minimum, maximum & average costs for Septoplasty (Nose) Surgery in top 14 cities of India.
City NameAvg. CostMin. CostMax. Cost
Ahmedabad 39298 20000 74000
Bengaluru 40654 6000 120000
Chennai 54565 21600 150000
Faridabad 45000 45000 45000
Ghaziabad 45500 22000 90000
Gurgaon 46067 30000 55000
Hyderabad 40876 20000 200000
Jaipur 22351 11600 35000
Kolkata 44531 15000 170000
Lucknow 31600 20000 50000
Mumbai 41203 17000 88000
New Delhi 54015 11500 150000
Noida 35500 20000 44000
Pune 35713 22000 100000

Septoplasty surgery in India

Septoplasty is a modern procedure to treat the crookedness or deviation in the nasal septum. Most septoplasty surgeries are done as an outpatient procedure where the patient is usually discharged within a day after consulting with the doctor. Most ENT specialists recommend septoplasty to treat sinus infections and breathing issues which can lead to long-term health problems. Here is what happens during the septoplasty procedure -

  • The patient is given general or local anesthesia before the procedure. This ensures no involuntary movements during the procedure and ensures a painless experience.
  • The surgeon then makes a tiny incision inside the nose and lifts the mucosa (thin membrane) to gain access inside the nasal passage.
  • Once the surgeon locates the point of deviation, the bones and cartilage are repositioned to restore airflow. If needed, the surgeon may remove excess bones and cartilage from the nasal cavity.
  • The mucosa is placed back over the septum after the procedure and the sinuses are drained in case of any sinus congestion.

Patients who suffer from breathing issues, snoring, chronic sinusitis, etc. benefit highly from the deviated nasal septum surgery. Doctors generally recommend septoplasty to treat chronic sinus infections for long-term health benefits. Consult us if you are looking for advanced septoplasty surgery in your city.

Is septoplasty surgery cost covered under insurance in India?

Septoplasty cost is covered under insurance by most health insurance companies. Septoplasty is done to treat chronic sinusitis and deviation in the nasal septum. Deviated nasal septum and chronic sinus infections have long-term health issues. The insurance coverage can bring down the cost of deviated nasal septum surgery decreasing the financial burden. The insurance coverage usually depends on your insurance policy and the terms and conditions of the insurance provider. Looking for a cost-effective treatment near you? Get in touch with us to know more about the insurance coverage for your septoplasty treatment.


When should I consult the doctor for my deviated nasal septum?

Deviation in the nasal septum can result in chronic sinusitis and other symptoms related to nasal congestion. Consult the doctor for your deviated nasal septum if you experience the following symptoms -

What is the cost of different diagnostic tests before septoplasty?

Deviated nasal septum can be diagnosed by physical examination if the misalignment is very apparent. However, in case the doctor suspects the primary cause of sinus infection as the deviation in the nasal septum, they may recommend the following tests -

  • Sinus X-ray - starting from Rs. 250
  • Imaging tests - Rs. 1500 - Rs. 4000
  • Nasal endoscopy - Rs. 1500 - Rs 2000

What are the advantages of septoplasty for deviated nasal septum?

Septoplasty is a modern procedure to treat deviation in the nasal septum. Some of the benefits of septoplasty include the following -

What factors affect the cost of septoplasty in India?

The cost of septoplasty differs from one city to another, depending on the availability of medical facilities in the city. The following factors affect the cost of septoplasty procedure in India -

  • Cost of diagnostic tests
  • Consultation fee of the doctor
  • Cost of FESS surgery (if required)
  • Hospital stay (if required)
  • Cost of medications (post-surgery medicines)
  • Post-surgery consultations
  • Insurance coverage