CABG (Bypass) Surgery in Chennai

CABG is an acronym for Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting. This surgery is recommended by cardiologists for treating blockages in cardiac arteries. Blockage of arteries because of deposit of plaque or fatty substances on its walls causes arteriosclerosis. Such disorder requires emergency medical attention otherwise it may cause heart attack if blood flow to the heart is restricted.

Best CABG (Bypass) Surgery Hospitals in Chennai
Cost of CABG (Bypass) Surgery: 240000.00

R-30-C, Ambattur Industrial Estate Road,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600101

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Cost of CABG (Bypass) Surgery: 257000.00

New No 434, Old No 180, NSK Salai, Vadapalani,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026

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Cost of CABG (Bypass) Surgery: 215000.00

21, Greams Road, Off. Greams Lane
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006

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Cost of CABG (Bypass) Surgery: 153000.00

30, Ayyasami Street, Nehru Nagar, Chrompet
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600044

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Cost of CABG (Bypass) Surgery: 140000.00

175 Big Street, Triplicane
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600005

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Cost of CABG (Bypass) Surgery: 222000.00

43, Lakshmi Talkies Road, Shenoy Nagar,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600030

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Cost of CABG (Bypass) Surgery: 300000.00

No. 52, First Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020

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Cost of CABG (Bypass) Surgery: 202335.00

Pallikaranai Main Road
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600100

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Image viewing diagnostic tests are conducted prior to bypass surgery for viewing internal structure of heart in elaboration. To perform bypass surgery, patient is administered with anesthesia . An opening is made on the chest which enables cardiac surgeon to examine anatomical structure of heart and coronary artery in detail.

Once, the fatty deposits and plaque are removed from the artery, grafting procedure is then conducted. Grafting involves attaching of blood vessels from other body part to the coronary artery. Blood thinning medications such as heparin are given to the patient to prevent occurrence of blood clot.

When there is increased intake of refined foods, aerated drinks, fried food items, ready-to-make food etc., it increases amount of fats in your body. These fats get stored in the body and may sometimes get deposited on the walls of arteries.

Blockages narrow artery space and this decreases supply of blood to the heart. If supply of blood to the heart is decreased, heart attack or heart failure can occur and it can be fatal. Hence, we should take care of our diet, exercise regularly and make stress and tension your enemies, i.e. keep them at bay. Include lots of fresh green vegetables and green leafy vegetables, fruits, foods low in sodium and sugar in your diet to enjoy longevity and better functioning of the body.