CABG (Bypass) Surgery in Ghaziabad

Coronary artery bypass grafting or bypass surgery is a potentially life-saving procedure for patients suffering from cardiac issues or even bought into hospital post a heart attack.

Hospitals and medical units in Ghaziabad that offer coronary artery bypass grafting surgery are listed below for your reference.

Best CABG (Bypass) Surgery Hospitals in Ghaziabad
Cost of CABG (Bypass) Surgery: 185000.00

Paras Hospital Sec - Iv, Plot No - 130, Vaishali
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010

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Cost of CABG (Bypass) Surgery: 180000.00

914- Niti Khand 1, Opp - Orange County, Indirapuram
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201014

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The bypass surgery process is done in 3-6 hours. To begin the process, anesthesia is administered to the patient that makes him lose conscious. Subsequently, an opening into the heart for examining its functioning is done. Blood vessels from elsewhere in the body; preferably thighs, are then taken for grafting them to the cardiac area. A blood-thinner is then administered for preventing blood clots from forming.

After the procedure is over, the patient is shifted into an intensive care unit(ICU) for few days. Constant monitoring of heart activity happens when kept in an ICU. Tubes are connected to the bladder for draining toxins from the body. Intravenous tubes for injecting fluids and medicines are also attached to a vein in one arm. Another tube that helps the patient breathe easily is also attached. There is a still different one for measuring the blood pressure constantly. The amount of hospital stay depends on the severity of heart attack or heart damage that necessitated a bypass surgery.

The surgery is a boon for patients suffering from cardiovascular illness or people having a history of cardiac complications running in their families. A bypass surgery grants a new lease of life to families who have senior citizens or adults suffering from cardiac illnesses. People suffering from angina that is trouble in breathing because of blockages developed in arteries, can get respite once they undergo a bypass, as symptoms of the same considerably reduce after surgery.