Caesarean Section Cost in Ahmedabad

Caesarean section is a baby delivery method. It is a prevalent method in modern times. And is used when birth by natural or normal means is not possible. Women who are in the overweight bracket are likelier to be suggested this type of baby delivery option.

A caesarean section involves making an incision on the bikini line to take out the baby through the uterus. A C-section is a very debatable form of baby delivery. However, it need not be traumatic and a situation to be grieved on. Here are a few tips that an expecting mother ought to follow if she has been suggested a C-section method of delivering her child.

  • Be prepared mentally and physically - Child birth is a beautiful experience. Do not get bogged down by the idea of a C-section. Try to enjoy it without getting overwhelmed by the details.
  • Get active as fast as you can - The catheter placed into the bladder should be removed as soon as possible. That compels you to get up and active as early as possible. Getting active sooner is better for your own health.
  • Cleanliness of incision site - Maintain cleanliness of incision as much as possible. Avoid infecting it. Know what kind of incision - vertical or horizontal is going to be used for your delivery.
  • Pain medication - Ask your doctor for pain medication if incision site aches a lot.
  • Remain occupied - On the day of delivery, the time specified to you by your doctor is not really the time you are taken into operation theater. There are emergency C-sections that hospitals need to address, which are given preference over scheduled ones. Try to remain occupied during such times without getting panicked.
  • Medication - After pain medication is administered, you are likely to feel like passing out. Ask the nurse to give you medicine to keep you from feeling nauseous.
  • Empty your bowels - Empty your bowels with help of laxatives as that makes recovery post delivery easier.