Caesarean Section Cost in Chennai

Caesarean delivery or C-Section delivery is a surgical process wherein delivery of fetus takes place by making a large incision on mother's abdomen and uterus. It is not a traditional way of delivering baby. However, if circumstances do not favor normal delivery, then doctor has to perform C-section.

Before a woman undergoes C- Section, there has to be some background preparation. Blood type of the patient is recorded if in case there is requirement of blood transfusion during the surgery. Make sure you have available help in the house post surgery as recovering from caesarean section takes more time as compared to natural delivery.

Prior to the surgery, intravenous fluid is injected into the arm to enable doctor to administer fluids and medications in times of requirement. Generally, spinal block anesthesia is administered into muscles that surround spinal cord to make abdominal area and lower part of the body numb. At times, general anesthesia that numbs whole body is administered.

Once the body becomes numb, horizontal incision is made just above the pubic hairline. Once uterus is accessed, another incision is made on uterus to remove the baby. In times of emergency, vertical incision is also made. Once the baby comes into the world, uterus incision is stitched and abdominal incision will be closed with sutures.

Doctor will first clear baby's nose so as to make it simple for the baby to breathe and cut umbilical cord. Mucus and placenta is then cleaned. Baby is first handed to hospital staff so as to clean the body and then handed over to mother.

Caesarean procedure requires the mother to stay in the hospital for few days post surgery.