Cataract (Unifocal Lens) Surgery in Ghaziabad

Cataract is clouding of eye lens due to weakening of eye muscles. It happens due to age and process speeds up when you are exposed to high levels of pollution, radiation emitted by electronic devices, unhealthy eating habits etc. One of the best approaches to treat cataract is via surgery. Through surgery, defected eye lens is replaced with artificial eye lens.

Below mentioned is a list of ophthalmology clinics in Ghaziabad where patients can avail the facility of cataract surgery.

Best Cataract (Unifocal Lens) Surgery Hospitals in Ghaziabad
Cost of Cataract (Unifocal Lens) Surgery: 35000.00

16A/CP-2155, Vasundhara
Ghaziabad, Delhi 201012

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Cost of Cataract (Unifocal Lens) Surgery: 46000.00

E-2, Sec - 26,
Ghaziabad, Delhi 201301

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Cost of Cataract (Unifocal Lens) Surgery: 20000.00

shanti Khand-Iii, Plot No.54, Indirapuram
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010

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Cost of Cataract (Unifocal Lens) Surgery: 22000.00

Sector - 4, Plot No. 336-37, Vaishali
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010

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Cost of Cataract (Unifocal Lens) Surgery: 55000.00

NH-24, Hapur Road, Near Landcraft Golflinks
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201002

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Cost of Cataract (Unifocal Lens) Surgery: 18900.00

NH - 01, Sector - 14, Atal Chowk, Vasundhra
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201012

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Cataract surgery can be performed in three different approaches - unifocal cataract surgery, multifocal cataract surgery and micro-incision cataract surgery. In unifocal cataract surgery, defected lens of eyes is replaced with intra-ocular lens which is an artificial or synthetic one. These unifocal lenses help patients view objects at a distance distinctly. In order to view nearby objects, spectacles can be used.

Unifocal cataract surgery is simple in nature and preferred by large number of eye patients. Also, the cost of unifocal cataract surgery is quite less as compared to multifocal cataract surgery. To perform the surgery, anesthesia is administered.

In multifocal cataract surgery, high quality intra-ocular lens are used. These multifocal lenses help patients view both objects at distance as well as nearby objects distinctly. Hence, use of spectacles is not at all required. Since, multifocal lens have viewing advantages, it is costlier than unifocal cataract surgery.

In micro-incision cataract surgery, a small incision is made through which replacement of lens takes place.

There are certain precautions one needs to adhere to post cataract surgery. One has to avoid straining eye muscles and wear protective glares while exposing oneself to environment of dust and grime. Also, protection of eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation emitted by sun is of utmost importance post surgery.