Cystoscopy Urs Cost in Bengaluru

Cystoscopy is medical procedure for examining one's urinary tract for purpose of detecting disorders like blockages and wounds to the tract and also for investigating reasons of such disorders. Congenital abnormalities, prolapse of pelvic organs, incontinence issues, benign prostatic hyperplasia also can be diagnosed through this procedure.

A cystoscopy is ordered by doctors when they see following symptoms such as stones and blockages in urinary tract, cancerous growths in uterine lining, increased frequency of urinary tract infections and of course cysts in urinary tract.

For beginning the Cystoscopy URS procedure, an anesthesia is rendered to the patient. Thereafter the bladder is filled with water for making inner linings easy to observe. The procedure also involves usage of an instrument called a cystoscope which is a thin and flexible structure, long enough to be inserted in the urinary tract. It is a tube which has a light and high resolution camera on both ends. This instrument is inserted by urologist inside urethra and uterus is thus accessed. Tissue samples inside uterus are extracted. The camera and light assist the urologist to examine uterine structure. And get an idea if there are growths blockages and wounds developed inside the uterus. The procedure gets done in over 30 minutes.