Delivery Charges Cost in Hyderabad

When a woman is pregnant, she has to face lot of changes in her health condition. Some of those health condition are very challenging for her, especially for first time mothers. The most challenging part of pregnancy is its final stage – 'delivery.' A woman can give birth to her baby either naturally through normal delivery or by C-section operation.

A normal delivery involves giving birth to a child through vagina or birth canal. This process mostly take place naturally in a woman. Sometimes woman face difficulty in pushing the baby out through the birth canal or cervix. In such cases, medical assistance can also be required to push the baby out of the woman's vagina.

A normal birth process involves three basic stages that every mother would undergo:

The method of giving birth to a new born puts great impact on woman's health. Most normal deliveries do not create any complications on woman's later life. Also, a normal birth helps woman to recover faster after the delivery process.

Every woman's labour is unique, even from one pregnancy to the next. Some labour terminate in few hours. In other cases, labour tests a mother's physical and emotional stamina. First time mothers would not know labour and child birth will unfold, until it happens. However, your doctor can counsel you regarding it during your pregnancy.

Your labour is divided into two phase – Early labour and active labour

Early labour

In early labour, you will experience contractions that begin to open your cervix. At this phase, there will be a pink or slightly bloody discharge from your vagina. For first time mothers, this labour can last for hours; or even days.

Active labour

During active labour, your contractions will be stronger causing cramps. Your pain intensifies with every contraction. This labour lasts for four to eight hours. During this phase, its time for the real work to begin.