Delivery Charges Cost in Kolkata

Baby delivery is one of the challenging experiences of motherhood. A normal delivery means giving birth to a child through the birth canal or vagina. In medical terms, a normal delivery is known as vaginal delivery.

These stages include:

    1.First Stage: Dilation and Effacement of the Cervix

      a. Early or latent phase – Cervix dilates from zero to three or four centimeters: The first step of journey towards childbirth takes about 6 to 10 hours for a first-time mother. This period can be shortened for mothers who have given birth before.

      b. Active phase – Cervix dilates from four to seven centimeters: At this stage, women experience labour more intensely. This is the time when serious preparation work for childbirth begins. It lasts for three to six hours for the first baby, and can take half of that for the subsequent births.

      c. Transition phase – Cervix dilates eight to ten centimeters: During this phase, the baby starts moving down towards the birth canal. The final phase of first stage lasts for 20 minutes to two hours for first babies, and can be quicker for subsequent babies.

    2.Second Stage: Pushing and Birth

    The second stage of baby delivery starts when the cervix is fully dilated. It lasts for an average of one and half hour to two hours in first-time mothers. For subsequent births, it may take few minutes to two hours time.

    3.Third Stage: Delivery of the Placenta

    Childbirth is followed by the delivery of the placenta, also called as 'afterbirth'. This stage requires a few moments to half hour.

    After baby delivery, women feel an overwhelming sense of fatigue. Mothers are asked to get proper rest and good sleep post delivery. You will be discharged once all the medical formalities are over.