Dilation Curettage Cost in Mumbai

Dilation and curettage method is employed generally after a women undergoes abortion or miscarriage. This procedure is also used to detect strength and health of uterus. Dilation is expansion of cervix, whereas curettage is scrapping of uterus lining to derive some uterus tissue samples for the purpose of examination.

Let us understand when dilation and curettage procedure is recommended by doctor:

Dilation and curettage is a simple and out-patient procedure. It takes around 3-4 hours to complete this surgical procedure. There are hardly any protocols you need to adhere to before treatment. It is advised that you do not take any heavy meals the day before surgery. Do not intake any solid foods 6 hours before the surgery. You are allowed to take sips of water.

There are no major risks associated with dilation and curettage procedure. However, if you consistently face symptoms of vaginal bleeding or foul vaginal discharge, fever and abdominal pain etc., better consult with your gynecologist without any delay.