Dilation & Curettage Surgery in New Delhi

Dilation and curettage (D&C) is a gynecological procedure that is advised if you have undergone an abortion or miscarriage. In this procedure, tissues from your uteral lining are extracted for ascertaining cause of bleeding and abnormalities like polyps and cancerous growths.

Best Dilation & Curettage Surgery Hospitals in New Delhi
Cost of Dilation & Curettage Surgery: 20000.00

2 Institutional Area Vikas Marg Extn. Opp. Railway Reservation Centre
New Delhi, Delhi

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Cost of Dilation & Curettage Surgery: 10000.00

Opp. Telephone Exchange, Delhi Rohtak Road,
New Delhi, Delhi 124507

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Cost of Dilation & Curettage Surgery: 5500.00

Bank Colony, G.T.Road,
New Delhi, Delhi 201201

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Cost of Dilation & Curettage Surgery: 13000.00

Main Road, Opp. Bagh Wala School, Palam Colony, Dwarka,
New Delhi, Delhi 110045

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Be sure to have a word with your doctor regarding the following points before scheduling yourself for a D&C surgery:

Dilation and widening of cervix is done by way of inserting a long, thin rod called speculum inside vagina. Thereby, scraping of uteral lining using a spoon-like instrument called curette is carried out. The tissues thus removed are sent to a laboratory for analysis.

If you experience following things, they are normal and not a cause of panic: