Fess Surgery Cost in Gurgaon

Sinus openings are unblocked through a Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. It is a recommended surgical option only when medication and therapies do not work out. The surgery entails removal of affected sinus tissues for removal of infection through the cavities of sinus.

A Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery benefits people suffering from:

The doctor prescribes physical examination and a CT scan of the nose to get an idea of the severity of sinusitis suffered by patient. A general FESS procedure entails accession and subsequent removal of blockages that obstruct sinus openings. For this, the doctor injects an anesthetic into the person through his veins. Furthermore, he inserts an endoscope for examining the sinus cavity and to identify the object responsible for blocking the sinus openings. Other instruments for removing the blockages are then drilled through the endoscope for concluding the surgery.

In the post-operative period, the patient needs to visit the doctor's clinic for getting a clean up of the operated site. The patient also needs to ensure prevention of mucus buildup for the future. Also, rigorous activities that are likely to put a strain on the nose and operated area are best if avoided for few weeks ahead.