Fissure Surgery Cost in Ahmedabad

An anal fissure is nothing but gaps and cracks that get developed in anal lining. This condition is common to both genders. Fissures are characterized by pain experienced during bowel movements. Fissurectomy is a surgery for treating the affected anal area which is sensitive.

Constipation that lasts for a long time, passing of large and hard stools, putting pressure on anus during bowel movements and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases are few common causes of developing anal fissures. In some rare cases, anal fissures can also develop as a result of anal cancer, HIV, Herpes, tuberculosis, syphilis and other highly contagious disease which get passed on through sexual activities

Lateral internal sphincterotomy and a fissurectomy are the 2 surgical methods of treating condition of fissure. The former is a very commonly opted for procedure by surgeons. But it is avoided if the person is of child-bearing age or has diabetes. Also, a fissurectomy gets ordered by the doctor only when stool softeners, medication and local gels and anesthetics do not have any effect on the fissure. Or if the surgeon feels that the patient may develop urinary incontinence post a sphincteromy operation.

In the recovery period, remember to keep a stock of painkillers like paracetamol ready, as you may require it. Constipation causing painkillers should not be taken. Keeping the operation site in the anal area clean is very important.

To prevent recurrence of anal fissures, it is important that one consumes diet rich in fibers. Green vegetables, cereals, carrots, cucumbers, bananas, oranges etc. should be consumed regularly. Refrain from driving or lifting heavy objects in initial few weeks post undergoing surgery. It is very important that you follow your surgeons instructions properly.