Fissure Surgery Cost in Mumbai

Anal fissure is tearing of skin around anal region. These tears are small in size and oval in shape. One can feel severe pain in this region while defecating. Anal fissures are not to be confused with hemorrhoids or piles.

Mostly doctors recommend anal fissure surgery if combination of home remedies and medications fail to produce desired outcome. During surgery, either local anesthesia or general anesthesia is administered and anal fissures are repaired. The procedure does not take more time and is completed within few hours.

Surgery for treating anal fissures is an outpatient procedure which means patient can go home on the same day itself. It is safe procedure and does not produce any major side-effects.

There are several reasons why anal fissures develop. Sometimes, they may develop due to combination of two or more health hazards. Let us have a look at some common causes of anal fissures:

In some very rare cases, anal fissures can develop because of following reasons:

To prevent occurrence of anal fissures, it is important that one consumes a diet rich in fibers. Some very good food sources of fiber are green vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, melons, bananas, etc.