Micro Incision Cataract Cost in Ghaziabad

Micro-incision cataract surgery is conducted by making a very small incision; approximately 1.8mm in diameter, on eye muscles. Through this incision, affected lens of eyes is replaced with man-made or artificial eye lens which helps to solve all sorts of vision problems. It is a minimally invasive surgery which makes recovery procedure quicker and faster than traditional way of performing cataract surgery.

Here, is the list of medical units in Ghaziabad where one can undergo treatment for cataract.

Since eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our body, they need to be cared more. Inculcating healthy habits which maintain health of eyes since early age helps in delaying formation of cataract. Vitamin A, also called as retinol in scientific terms, plays an important role in maintaining vision of eyes. Hence, foods rich in vitamin A like green leafy vegetables, fruits such as mangoes, papaya, musk melons etc., should be consumed as a part of daily diet.

Washing your eyes often with cold water helps in alleviating stress off eyes. Make a habit of washing your eyes with cold water instead of hot water as hot water is harmful to the delicate blood vessels present in eyes. Whenever you are exposed to environment of dust and grime, wear protective eye wear and wash your eyes. If your jobs involves sitting in front of computer screen for long hours, take periodical breaks to wash your eyes. This will help tremendously in keeping pressure off eyes at bay.

Micro-incision cataract surgery is an advanced method of treating cataract. Time duration involved in this surgical procedure is reduced as compared to traditional approaches of conducting cataract surgery. Healing time is reduced and patient can bounce back to normal routine in short span of time post surgery.