Micro Incision Cataract Cost in Jaipur

Cataract is an eye disorder wherein lens of the eye become opaque and this obstructs vision. Generally, with age, crystalline lens fiber becomes weak and eventually cloudy resulting in development of cataract. To treat cataract, surgery is the preferred choice. Now-a-days, with advancement in medical technology, new techniques have emerged which make the surgery less painful and reduce surgical time duration. One such technique is Micro-incision cataract surgery.

Why is micro incision cataract surgery a preferred choice?

Micro incision cataract surgery wins the crown of most preferred approach to treat cataract because of following reasons:

To perform micro incision cataract surgery, anesthesia is administered and an incision less than 1.8 mm is made. This not only helps in reducing surgical invasiveness but also in producing enhanced and better outcomes.

Before cataract surgery, ophthalmologist may ask you to undergo certain tests like blood sugar test, blood pressure test, hemoglobin count etc. to ensure that the surgery goes smoothly sans any complications.

Post micro-incision cataract surgery, doctor may suggest use of certain eye drops to keep eyes moisturized and accelerate healing process.

Below mentioned are few precautions that have to be practiced post surgery:

Cataract if left untreated may result in permanent loss of vision. Hence, it is important that one consults with ophthalmologist as soon as possible when symptoms of cataract such as blurred vision, clouding of eye lens etc. become noticeable.