Septoplasty (Nose) Surgery in Faridabad

Septoplasty is a surgical procedure implemented to treat deviated septum. Septum is the bridge on top of the nose that separates right nostril from left. If the angle of septum is changed, breathing problems could arise. Deviated septum could be congenital in some people whereas it could be as a result of accidents or trauma.

Below is the list of medical units in Faridabad where patients can be treated for deviated septum.

Best Septoplasty (Nose) Surgery Hospitals in Faridabad
Cost of Septoplasty (Nose) Surgery: 45000.00

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Cost of Septoplasty (Nose) Surgery: 45000.00

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Faridabad, Haryana 121002

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Before your doctor decides upon the date of septoplasty, you need to convey about your current health conditions, past disorders you have faced and substances you are allergic to. Doctor may ask you to discontinue blood thinning medications such as warfarin and aspirin for few days before the day when septoplasty is to be performed.

Before the procedure of septoplasty commences, patient is administered either local anesthesia or general anesthesia as decided by the doctor. Endoscope is used while performing the surgery to examine nasal passage and evaluate anatomical structure of interior of nose. Endoscope is flexible tube to which camera and light is attached at its either ends. Light provided by endoscope helps doctor to evaluate nasal passage and distinguish mucus from nasal cartilage. Through the surgery, angle of deviated septum is corrected and stitches are made to hold it on place.

Deviated septum might pose as a problem to people who play sports like swimming wherein you are required to have control on your breathing pattern. Also, most of the patients breathe in through mouth. These problems can be solved with help of septoplasty. Post septoplasty procedure, bleeding may occur in the nose and you may feel uncomfortable. If you notice any abnormalities consistently for over few days post septoplasty, better consult with doctor.