Tonsillectomy (Tonsil Removal) Surgery in Faridabad

Tonsils are 2 small glands present at the back of the throat in adults and children. A tonsillectomy is beneficial for both categories. Children are likelier to be ordered a tonsillectomy if they suffer from sleep apnea. Whereas, tonsillectomy is an option for adults suffering from bouts of sore throat frequently.

Rates of tonsil removal procedures and contact details of centers in Faridabad providing them are included in the list below.

Best Tonsillectomy (Tonsil Removal) Surgery Hospitals in Faridabad
Cost of Tonsillectomy (Tonsil Removal) Surgery: 33000.00

YMCA Road, Near ESI Hospital, Sector - 8,
Faridabad, Haryana 121006

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Cost of Tonsillectomy (Tonsil Removal) Surgery: 47000.00

Sector 16-A,
Faridabad, Haryana 121002

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Cost of Tonsillectomy (Tonsil Removal) Surgery: 42000.00

69, Sector 20 A, Near Neelam Flyover, Ajronda Chowk,
Faridabad, Haryana 121001

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Cost of Tonsillectomy (Tonsil Removal) Surgery: 50000.00

Neelam Bata Road,
Faridabad, Haryana 121001

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The preparation before a tonsillectomy involves stopping intake of anti-inflammatory medicine at least 15 days prior to the surgery. Moreover, fasting a night before going to the hospital for surgery is must. Diagnostic test to be done before appearing for tonsillectomy include blood tests, a throat swab and complete blood count (CBC) test.

Tonsillectomy has a lot of other advantages attached to it which is why it is ordered for adults and children who suffer from health issues due to inflamed tonsils. Few of them are as follows:

Contact your doctor at the earliest if you notice any symptoms like: pain experienced in swallowing, recurrent sore throat, a hoarse voice, swollen throat, aching ears and ulcers in throats. Reporting them to the doctor is essential as those could be signs of inflamed tonsils requiring surgery for alleviating pain caused by it.