Tonsillectomy Cost in Pune

Tonsillectomy is a surgery process to remove tonsils. Tonsils may need to be removed because of various reasons like tonsils infections, enlarged tonsils, bleeding of tonsils, etc.

Your doctors may ask you to undergo tonsillectomy due to various conditions like:

The above conditions are considered for tonsillectomy based on their severity.

Post Surgery Care

You will have sore throat after the surgery which will persist for another two weeks. You will take round about 7-10 days to recover completely. Doctor will ask you to consume liquid food for some days. He/She will also ask you to keep yourself hydrated in the recovery period. Bleeding incidents can occur in adults who are about 70 years. Adults who undergo tonsillectomy surgery experience more pain compared to children.

Consulting your doctor at the right time can avoid many complications in your health condition. Follow all the necessary instructions that your doctor advises you for a healthy life.