Bartholin Cyst Treatment Cost

Average Cost Average cost
Rs. 20,000 - Rs. 30,000
Surgery Time Surgery time
20-40 minutes
Hospitalization Hospitalization
Same-day discharge
Resume Work Resume work
3-5 days
Recovery time Recovery time
1-2 weeks
Pain Pain

Bartholin cysts can be treated in multiple ways depending on their size and severity.

Typically, small cysts break open by themselves, larger ones may need surgical drainage, while the best solution for recurring cysts is marsupialization.

The following table lists down the different treatments for Bartholin cysts and their average cost in India-

Small Medicines Rs. 1,000- Rs. 1,800
Large Surgical Drainage Rs. 5,000- Rs. 8,000
Recurring Marsupialization Rs. 20,000-Rs. 30,000

* Note that the exact specifics may slightly vary basis the choice of hospital, the experience and expertise of the doctor, and other medical and non-medical factors.

Best Treatment for Bartholin Cyst- Procedure, Risk, Recovery, and More

Bartholin cysts are recurring by nature, that is, once you have had a Bartholin cyst, the chances of it happening again are substantially high. Therefore, marsupialization is suggested to lower the risks of recurrence.

Anesthesia: Marsupialization is performed under the influence of local or spinal anesthesia.

Procedure: The gynecologist first makes a nick on the cyst to surgically drain the pus. Then, the incision is slightly enlarged to create a temporary 'kangaroo pouch' to assist fuller drainage over a period of the next few weeks. This helps push all the infected pus out of the cyst while preventing recurrence.

Surgery Type: Depending on the severity, it can be performed both- in the clinic or at a hospital.

Complications: Complications in the Bartholin cyst treatment are only mild- minimum.

Risks: Risks include- general anesthetic complications, excessive bleeding, and infection.

Discharge: Typically, the discharge can be done the same day.

Recovery: A complete recovery typically takes 1-2 weeks. This is because the abscess may still be flowing out and the patient may experience a certain discomfort and/ or feverish because of the same. Therefore, medications and rest are prescribed.

Recovery Guidelines after Bartholin Cyst Surgery

Here is a list of doctor recommendations for a quick recovery after Bartholin cyst surgery:

  • Wash the genital area only with plain water. Do not use any soap or chemicals. It could irritate the skin and trigger infection.
  • Wear only soft, cotton underwear until you heal completely.
  • Have lots of water, fresh fruits, and salads. It should help smoothen your bowel movement. In case you feel constipated, do not strain. Rather, use a mild laxative.
  • Avoid eating anything too spicy, hot or that may cause bloating. It may cause unnecessary strain.
  • Complete the full course of your medicines with or without symptoms.
  • Take a follow-up within 7 days.
  • Avoid penetrative sex for 15 days post-surgery.

How to Prevent and Avoid Recurrence of Bartholin Cyst

We suggest the following for preventing and avoiding recurrence of Bartholin cyst-

  • Protect the vaginal area from any injury: If the Bartholin gland gets injured, it can cause physical trauma and clog the gland's fluid. Thereby, forming the Bartholin cyst. Hence, make sure you avoid any such injury as you work/ play or do any physical activities.
  • Practice good hygiene: Make sure you keep the vaginal area clean and avoid any unhygienic contact. Infections are known to trigger abscesses.
  • Practice safe sexual habits: Protect yourself against STIs by using condoms during sexual activities or engaging only with a partner who is regularly tested for STIs.
  • Careful Penetration: Be careful as you or your partner penetrates. Rough/ dry sex or negligence while penetration can tear the skin around labia and clog Bartholin glands. This backs up the fluid and causes painful Bartholin cysts. Therefore, be extremely careful and/or use lubrication as a preventive measure.


Does insurance cover Bartholin cyst surgery costs?

Yes. Most insurance providers cover the treatment cost for Bartholin cyst. However, the details may vary from policy to policy. Please confirm the same directly from your healthcare/ insurance provider.

What is the average gynecologist consultation fee for Bartholin cyst treatments?

The gynecologist consultation fee varies from one to another basis their expertise and experience. At present, the fee run between Rs. 500- 1500 in India.

What is the cost of different diagnostic tests for Bartholin cysts?

Diagnostic tests for Bartholin cyst typically include- a pelvic exam, swab test, or a biopsy if needed. Together, they cost an average of Rs. 500- Rs. 3,000 in India.

What is the cost of follow-up medicines after Bartholin cyst surgery?

Follow-up medicines after Bartholin cyst surgery typically include antibiotics, painkillers, and multivitamins. Together they cost an average of Rs. 500- Rs 1500.

Does the Bartholin cyst treatment cost less when paid in cash?

Yes, most hospitals provide a slight discount for treatments done under cash. Please confirm the same from your specific hospital.