Laser Circumcision Cost

Average Cost Average cost
Rs. 25,000 - Rs. 40,000
Surgery Time Surgery time
20-40 minutes
Hospitalization Hospitalization
Same-day discharge
Resume Work Resume work
1-2 days
Recovery time Recovery time
3-4 weeks
Pain Pain

Laser circumcision is a surgical procedure that is either performed for medical reasons or by choice for hygiene purposes. This procedure is commonly performed on young and adult men with some penile health or hygiene issues. The average laser circumcision cost in India may range from Rs. 25,000-Rs. 40,000. It is an approximate cost range that differs based on several factors such as the consultation of the surgeon or urologist, the location of the hospital, the selection of the hospital, etc.

Laser circumcision is painless, has faster recovery, and minimal bleeding as compared to traditional methods of circumcision surgery. To back these significant benefits, NCBI reported a comparison study between laser circumcision and conventional circumcision method. The study concluded that laser circumcision surgery had a shorter operative time, less wound irritation, and better cosmetic appearance compared to traditional techniques used for circumcision surgery.

If a man is suffering from any penile foreskin disorder, urologists often recommend circumcision surgery to cure it. Penile foreskin disorders such as phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, posthitis (inflammation in the glans of the penis), and balanoposthitis can generally occur at any age and can be treated by laser circumcision surgery effectively.

Procedure of laser circumcision operation

  • The urologist or general surgeon performs laser circumcision surgery under the effect of local or regional anesthesia to make the process painless.
  • Once the penile area gets numb, the urologist stretches the penile foreskin from the front with two pairs of forceps to prepare for the next step.
  • Then, with the help of laser energy, the urologist removes the foreskin from the glans of the penis.
  • Once the penile foreskin is successfully removed, the urologist puts a bandage to secure the surgical site for recovery.
  • Laser circumcision typically takes 20 minutes but may differ depending on the severity of the foreskin disorder.

Recovery after laser circumcision operation

The complete recovery after laser circumcision surgery may take 3-4 weeks. However, the urologist suggests that you can resume work the very next day after laser circumcision surgery. There would be slight discomfort, swelling, and redness around the penile region which can be managed by the medicines prescribed by the urologist. The following are some tips that will help you in faster and smoother recovery duration-

  • Avoid using any cream or moisturizer at the surgical site to eliminate the risk of infections.
  • Always use a clean and hygienic toilet after circumcision surgery.
  • Refrain from smoking to promote healthy recovery. Keep the penile area clean and dry after laser circumcision surgery.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for at least 3-4 weeks after circumcision surgery instructed by your urologist.


What are the costs of diagnostic tests recommended before laser circumcision?

A urologist conducts a physical examination first to evaluate the penile foreskin disorder and ask about symptoms you are suffering from. Later, to detect the severity of the disorder, the urologist recommends some diagnostic tests before laser circumcision surgery, mentioned below, along with their costs:

  • Swab (taken from the affected area of penile) culture - Rs. 800 - Rs. 1500
  • Urine culture for UTIs - Rs. 500 - Rs. 1200
  • Blood test- Rs. 800 - Rs. 1700

What is the consultation fees of a urologist in India?

The average consultation fees of a urologist in India may range from Rs. 700 - Rs. 1500. This is an approximate cost range that may vary based on the urologist's expertise, the urologist's experience, the city in which you are consulting a urologist, etc.

Does insurance cover laser circumcision surgery in India?

Laser circumcision surgery performed for a medical reason or recommended by the urologist to cure penile foreskin disorder is covered under medical insurance. However, the medical insurance coverage may vary from one insurance provider to another based on the insurance policy you have opted for. If suggested for medical reasons, some leading insurance providers in India provide insurance for circumcision surgery:

  • Max Bupa
  • New India Religare
  • Care Health
  • United India Insurance, etc.

Is laser circumcision surgery safe?

Yes. Laser circumcision is a modern procedure performed with the latest USFDA approved technology. This procedure is safe and effective as it is generally performed by a urologist or surgeon having expertise in laser surgery.

What are the other common names of circumcision?

There are other names of circumcision surgery, usually addressed differently-

  • Khatna
  • Penile foreskin surgery
  • Penis foreskin removal operation

Why circumcision surgery is a permanent solution for penile foreskin disorder?

Penile foreskin disorders such as balanitis, phimosis, and posthitis lead to pain while urinating, pain during sexual intercourse, bleeding in urine, or constant discomfort in the penile region. if other alternate treatments recommended by urologists dont show any improvement, circumcision surgery is commonly advised to cure penile foreskin disorder. Circumcision is a surgical procedure to remove the foreskin from the glans of the penis. Therefore, it is considered a permanent solution for penile foreskin disorders.


Laser circumcision is a modern treatment and cost-effective as compared to other alternative methods. To get a closer estimate of the laser circumcision cost, call on the mentioned number or book an appointment by clicking on the tab mentioned above.