FESS (Sinus) Surgery Cost

Average Cost Average cost
Rs. 55,000 - Rs. 60,000
Surgery Time Surgery time
45-60 minutes
Hospitalization Hospitalization
2-3 days
Resume Work Resume work
1 week
Recovery time Recovery time
6 weeks
Pain Bleeding

The cost of functional endoscopic sinus surgery or FESS usually starts from Rs. 55,000 and can go up to Rs. 60,000. However, this is a reference cost and the overall price can vary depending on the type of sinus infection, method of treatment (if septoplasty is required), medical condition of the patient, etc. Get in touch to know more about the cost of FESS surgery in different cities across the country and how you can get the most cost-efficient treatment near you.

  • The minimum cost of FESS surgery in India is approximately Rs. 55,000
  • The average cost of FESS surgery in India is approximately Rs. 57,500
  • The maximum cost of FESS (endoscopic sinus surgery) in India is approximately Rs. 60,000
Following are the minimum, maximum & average costs for FESS (Sinus) Surgery in top 14 cities of India.
City NameAvg. CostMin. CostMax. Cost
Ahmedabad 41589 25000 75000
Bengaluru 46869 1000 90000
Chennai 52594 27000 110000
Ghaziabad 51880 24000 90400
Gurgaon 58287 35000 67000
Hyderabad 43655 18500 200000
Jaipur 29672 14200 55000
Kolkata 41191 16000 100000
Lucknow 38750 25000 50000
Mumbai 52261 18200 380000
New Delhi 64966 19500 128000
Noida 48200 26400 70000
Pune 72149 20000 300000

Chronic sinus infection surgery in India

Chronic sinus infections have become very common in people across the country. India is ranked the fifth most polluted country in the world. According to a report, millions are breathing polluted air in this country that does not meet WHO health standards. This has become a common hotspot for chronic sinusitis and other breathing problems. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery or FESS is a modern procedure to treat chronic sinusitis (inflammation of the tissues lining the nasal passages) for improved sinus ventilation.

The surgeon uses an endoscope to observe the blocked sinuses. The surgeon then proceeds to eliminate the obstruction such as nasal polyps, deviation in the nasal septum, etc., to drain the sinuses. In the case of chronic sinusitis due to the deviated nasal septum, the surgeon may also perform septoplasty. Septoplasty is done to correct the misalignment of the nasal septum for improved breathing. The surgeon may perform one or both these surgeries simultaneously depending on the primary cause of chronic sinusitis. The cost of septoplasty usually starts from Rs. 50,000 and can go up to Rs. 60,000 depending on the severity of deviation along with other factors.

Is there insurance coverage for endoscopic sinus surgery in India?

Chronic sinus infections are among the worst conditions that can lead to breathing problems. Therefore, many insurance companies cover the cost of FESS surgery in India. The insurance coverage can bring down the FESS surgery cost significantly. However, the insurance coverage will depend on the insurance policy and the terms and conditions set by the insurance provider. Get in touch with us to know more about the insurance coverage for your FESS surgery in India.


What are the different diagnostic tests done before FESS surgery?

Here are some of the diagnostic tests recommended by the ENT specialists for sinus surgery -

  • Nasal endoscopy - Helps in detecting nasal congestion due to a nasal deviation or nasal polyps on an external video screen.
  • Swab tests - Helps the doctor determine bacterial or fungal infection as the primary cause of sinusitis.
  • CT-scan - Detects inclination in the nasal septum.
  • X-ray - Produces 3D images of the nasal passages.

What is the cost of different diagnostic tests for chronic sinusitis?

The approximate cost of different diagnostic tests for FESS surgery are as follows -

  • Nasal endoscopy - Rs. 1500 - Rs 2000
  • Swab tests - Starts from Rs. 500
  • Nasal CT-scan - Rs. 1500 - Rs. 4000
  • X-ray - Starts from Rs. 300

What factors affect the cost of endoscopic sinus surgery?

Endoscopic sinus surgery cost usually differs from one patient to another. Here are some factors that affect the FESS surgery cost in India -

  • City or location
  • Choice of the hospital (private or government)
  • Consultation fee of the ENT specialist
  • Cost of diagnostic tests
  • Cost of septoplasty (in case of deviated nasal septum)
  • Medication cost (post-surgery medicines)
  • Post-surgery consultations
  • Insurance coverage

What are the benefits of FESS surgery?

FESS surgery has many benefits, some of which are -

  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Minimal pain
  • Less bleeding
  • No scarring on the nose
  • Less tissue removal

What are the recovery tips after FESS surgery?

Here are some of the recovery tips after the FESS surgery that can help you with smoother recovery -

  • Keep your head elevated to help reduce bleeding and swelling after the procedure. You can use an extra pillow or sleep on a recliner to keep your head elevated.
  • Do not remove your nasal packing or splints in your nose. In case the nasal packing gets clogged, breathe through your mouth. Consult your doctor in case you experience discomfort and abnormal bleeding.
  • Refrain from lifting heavy weights or engaging in strenuous activities. This can increase the chances of bleeding in your nose.
  • Refrain from sneezing. If you have to do it, do it with your mouth open.