Pilonidal Sinus Surgery Cost

Surgery Cost Average cost
Rs. 20,500 - Rs. 55,750
Surgery Time Surgery time
20-35 mins
Hospitalization Hospitalization
1-2 days
Resume Work Resume work
3-5 days
Recovery time Recovery time
5-7 weeks
Pain Pain
During surgery - No
After surgery - Minimal or negligible

Pilonidal sinus [PNS] is an abnormal skin growth or a small hole in the skin at the anal cleft. It forms at the tailbone or top of the buttocks. It contains dirt, hair, and other debris.

If left untreated, pilonidal sinus can cause serious health concerns such as the formation of anal abscess, systemic infection [spread of infection throughout the body], and increased risk of skin cancer [very rare].

One of the best pilonidal sinus specialist doctors from India says, "Medications, home remedies, and self-care [proper hygiene] can treat acute pilonidal sinus. But chronic pilonidal sinus requires a combination of surgical intervention and self-care. Most patients think home remedies can treat chronic pilonidal sinus and thus keeps delaying their surgical treatment, which increases the severity of the condition and the complexity of the surgery. Therefore, I advise all my patients to avail pilonidal sinus surgery at the earliest possible as it can help reduce the cost of the surgery and reduce the complexity of the surgery."

With the help of the below table, you can know the approximate pilonidal sinus surgery cost in different cities across India.

Note: Use this table for reference purposes only. The cost mentioned in the above table is not the same for every individual in the specific city. It keeps changing from one to another based on several factors that are discussed further in this post.

Pilonidal Sinus Surgeries and Their Costs in India

As said earlier, acute pilonidal sinus can be treated with the help of medications and home remedies. But in a few cases, surgical intervention may be required depending on the severity of acute pilonidal sinus. In the case of chronic pilonidal sinus, undergoing surgery is the best way to treat them. No home remedies or medications alone can treat them.

Here are some surgeries that help treat pilonidal sinus with their approximate cost.

Incision and drainage [Open or laser]

In this surgical procedure, an incision is made in the pilonidal sinus cavity to remove the dirt, hair, and other debris. The incision can be made using traditional surgical tools or advanced laser techniques.

If the surgeon uses conventional surgical tools, it is called open incision and drainage surgery. Suppose a laser is used to make the incision. In that case, it is called laser pilonidal sinus surgery [laser incision and drainage surgery].

The approximate cost of incision and drainage surgery in India is tabulated below.

Type of surgery Approximate minimum cost in India Estimated average cost in India Approximate maximum cost in India
Open incision and drainage Rs. 30,000 Rs. 40,000 Rs. 50,000
Laser incision and drainage Rs. 35,000 Rs. 43,500 Rs. 55,750


This is one of the surgical methods used to reduce the recurrence of pilonidal sinus. In this surgery, the pilonidal sinus cavity is cut open and drained. Then, the cavity edges are sutured together to form a pocket or pouch that allows the fluids to drain easily if present.

The minimum cost of marsupialization for pilonidal sinus in India Rs. 20,500 [approximate cost]
The average cost of marsupialization for pilonidal sinus in India Rs. 25,000 [approximate cost]
The maximum cost of marsupialization for pilonidal sinus in India Rs. 35,000 [approximate cost]


During the lancing surgical procedure, the surgeon uses a scalpel to make a slit or cut on the pilonidal sinus hole. Then, the debris present inside it is removed, and the hole is filled with filled sterilized gauze.

The minimum cost of lancing pilonidal sinus surgery in India Rs. 22,500 [approximate cost]
The average cost of lancing pilonidal sinus surgery in India Rs. 24,750 [approximate cost]
The maximum cost of lancing pilonidal sinus surgery in India Rs. 33,500 [approximate cost]

Before selecting the right surgical procedure, talk to your doctor and know the benefits, disadvantages, risks, and complications of each surgical procedure.

Factors affecting the cost of pilonidal sinus surgery in India

Pilonidal sinus surgery cost in India is not the same for every individual. It keeps changing from one patient to another based on various factors. Some of those factors are:

  • The consultation fee of the doctor
  • Number of diagnostic tests
  • Type of hospital
  • Anesthesiologist fee
  • Type of surgery
  • Pre and post-surgical medications
  • Number of follow-up sessions

Out of these factors, the type of surgery alone plays an important role in deciding the final cost of pilonidal sinus surgery. And the other factors contribute to a small extent. Therefore, they can either increase or decrease the amount to be paid for pilonidal sinus surgery in India.

The Bottom Line:

Pilonidal sinus surgery cost in India can range from Rs. 20,500 to Rs. 55,750. However, this price variation is dependent on several factors. To know the exact cost, we suggest you contact the hospital from where you are planning to get pilonidal sinus surgery in India.