Cataract (Multifocal Lens) Surgery in Noida

When the normal, clear lens of your eye turns cloudy, it results into a cataract disease. This disease affects your vision gradually as it grows. A cataract growth can be controlled used medicines and eye drops, but a cataract surgery is the best option to deal with it.

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Cataract (Multifocal Lens) Surgery Hospitals in Noida
Vinayak Hospital

Vinayak Hospital
Cost of Cataract (Multifocal Lens) Surgery: 55000.00

Nh-1, Sector - 27 Atta
Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
0120-2444333, 0120-2444222
Surbhi Hospital Pvt. Ltd

Surbhi Hospital Pvt. Ltd
Cost of Cataract (Multifocal Lens) Surgery: 32000.00

Morna, Sector - 35
Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

A cataract surgery is much needed when it is uncontrollable with medicines. This surgery can restore your vision back. Its main step involves replacing your damaged lens with an artificial one. Here, the type of lens depends on the patient's eye condition. A unifocal lens is used to set the focal length at one direction (either for near or far vision). A cataract multifocal surgery includes usage of a multi-focal lens, where more than one focal length can be fixed, i.e., focal length for both near and far vision can be set here.