Treatment Costs

We have got approximate treatment costs in top 10 medical cities of India for more than 25 major surgeries.


Based on the requirement of the end user, our doctors/medical advisors recommend users the best option for the treatment in a cost effective rate. This service is totally free of cost.

Root Canal

Surgery Information

We provide our end user complete information on what to expect on D-day (the operation day). From starting till end.

Welcome to Health Price

The HealthPrice team (consisting of doctors & medical advisors) is here to help you find a cost effective (through our price-recommendation engine) and best hospital for any kind of treatment or surgery. That is our only motto.

Our Medical Specializations

25 treatments / surgeries in 7 medical branches

Our Mission
  • Transparency in hospitalization & medical procedures
  • Patients should be able to make informed healthcare decisions
  • Get REAL user feedback and help patients making a choice
  • Choose a hospital/doctor based on cost, facilities & recommendation
  • Consult your case with doctor before choosing
  • Any other kind of help you need, we are there on call with you