Hernia Repair (Laparoscopic Inguinal) Surgery Cost

Hernia is an opening in the muscle wall that weakens hold of the muscle in any organ. Hernia repair surgery is performed for correcting hernia. This condition is more frequent in organs such as the upper thigh, belly button area, groin and abdominal areas. Hernias develop over a long period of time. Usually, hernias are a result of muscle weakness and strain. This condition is found mostly in males aged 16-24 and 75 and above.

Following are the minimum, maximum & average costs for Hernia Repair (Laparoscopic Inguinal) Surgery in top 13 cities of India.
City NameAvg. CostMin. CostMax. Cost
Ahmedabad 57756 31290 100000
Bengaluru 65370 12000 125000
Chennai 66073 33200 150000
Ghaziabad 67470 35000 95000
Hyderabad 64065 27000 150000
Jaipur 46123 13200 80000
Kolkata 51624 14000 120000
Lucknow 50000 30000 75000
Mumbai 67374 13000 135000
New Delhi 70923 21000 225000
Pune 62268 33366 129750

Usually, a physical examination, imaging tests like CT scan, abdominal ultrasound or a family history reveal whether an individual suffers from inguinal hernia. Inguinal hernia is characterized by swelling or formation of lump in your groin. It may also be detected through enlargement of the scrotum.

An inguinal hernia occurs when fatty tissues are visible. Indirect and direct are the two types of inguinal hernias. Indirect hernias are the most commonly occurring types, while the direct ones occur in males due to weakening of the abdominal muscles. Inguinal hernias are a rare occurrence in females.

The operative procedure for laparoscopic inguinal (Hernia repair) surgery is quite similar to other laparoscopic procedures. The procedure is performed using a a laparoscope - a long, thin tube having a high resolution camera on one end and a high-intensity light on the other.

A small cut is made below the belly button to insert the laparoscope. Other small incisions are made to insert other instruments for repairing the hernia.

Signs that prove that you may possibly have hernia are: pain and swelling around the testicles, pain in the groin area, bulge in the pubic area.

Most people are able to resume their routine life in 1-2 weeks time post surgery. However strenuous activities are unadvisable in the initial 4 weeks of recovery. It is important to follow the instructions issued by the doctor for effective recovery. Including fiber rich foods like fruits, green leafy vegetables may prevent symptoms of hernia to come up.